HVAC Repair Fort Worth TX

HVAC Repair Fort Worth TX

HVAC repair Fort Worth TX can be hard. Last summer, I was relaxing at home with a good book. I was nearing the climax of the story wherein the heroine was finally about to learn about her main misunderstanding with the male lead. Suddenly, beads of sweat ran down my forehead. At first, I thought it was just because of the intensity of the story. I kept on reading and then I realized that my body itself was getting hotter. Sure, it was a really great book with lots of twists and turns. However, could the story really be this intense?

I closed the book for a moment to survey my surroundings. That’s when I realized that the whole room was like a blast furnace. It was extremely hot. I found it strange because my AC unit (a window type model) was set to maximum coolness and it seemed to be functioning fine. When I went up to the AC, I realized that it wasn’t blasting out cool air as much as it should. I realized that it had begun malfunctioning.

HVAC repair Fort Worth TX

Knowing absolutely nothing about AC units, I decided to call my air conditioning unit’s manufacturer for advice. What they said next was exactly what I had been dreading. They told me that they would send over one of their AC Technicians as soon as possible. When I asked how soon that would be, they couldn’t say. All they could promise me was that it would be done quickly, but that the technicians had a heavy workload for HVAC repair Fort Worth TX. It seems that a lot of AC units were overheating because of the unusually intense summer heat. In addition, the power companies were not providing sufficient power because of a slight deficit caused by the unusually heavy power demands in the grid. With that said, it would probably take a few days before I was next on the queue.

 They gave me a control number that I could check online to see when it would be my turn. I’m actually not that good with computers so I never bothered with this. Also, I was quite sure that I was pretty far behind in the queue.

DIY HVAC repair Fort Worth TX

The truth is that I could not wait a few days for HVAC repair Fort Worth TX.. If this was the case, I was actually contemplating on buying a new window unit just because the heat was so unbearable. I did have some extra cash to burn – but of course, this would be unnecessary extravagance. Furthermore, I knew that the AC unit wasn’t that far gone. It was functioning normally after all, except for the fact that it didn’t cool as much as I wanted it to.

This is when the little wheels in my head began to turn. There had to be an alternative way to get the repairs done or at least cool the house. I decided to do some research and try things out for myself. I was willing to go quite far to get my air conditioner functioning normally again. As long as I didn’t complicate the problem any further, I was willing to get my hands dirty and even try doing the repairs myself.

My journey towards HVAC repair Fort Worth TX began with… Google. Well yes, it’s the logical place to start (you can also use SIRI). I simply typed in “DIY air con repairs” and started trying things out in my quest to repair my AC unit. I had made up my mind that if the repairs failed, then I would have to resort to buying a new one – that is, if the manufacturer’s AC technicians still hadn’t arrived.

Making Sure the Power Is Disconnected

As I learned in my quest to DIY HVAC repair Fort Worth TX, the first thing that I needed to do was to disconnect the power. This means that I had to make sure that the AC was not receiving any sort of power from my main power source before I tried opening it up to check for any signs of damage. Fortunately, this was quite easily done. There was a power switch right next to where the AC unit was plugged into a wall socket. I first switched the power to off and then simply removed the plug from the wall socket. I also waited a few minutes before trying anything else in order to ensure that the power had been fully discharged.

Categorizing the Problem

I took a systematic method of HVAC repair Fort Worth TX. I had to take every precaution that I could because I am not actually an experienced DIY-er. The most that I had ever done was to install a new receptacle for an LED light bulb. Most experienced electricians would probably think I was being paranoid, but I had to turn off the power for the entire house in order to do this. Despite all this, it took me quite a few tries and fumbling around for at least an hour before I got my new receptacle installed. It was such a joy to see that I’d done it right when I popped in the light bulb and flipped the switch on.

Anyway, I learned from my research (google search more like…) that there are two main categories of problems in general when it comes to AC’s. It’s actually quite simple: First of all, if the air con unit does not turn on. The second category is if the air con unit seems to work but does not cool.

Cleaning the AC

Well, I knew that my air con unit definitely fell under the second category. The next step was to try cleaning the AC unit. Fortunately, I had already disconnected the AC from the power source, so I could try this step myself. The guide recommended that I have my AC’s manual handy. In fact, even professional AC technicians use the specific AC unit’s guide when handling it. Of course, as fate would have it, I’d lost my manual long ago.

With that said, this was just a slight hitch in my plans. I decided to proceed with the cleaning. It meant disassembling the unit to some extent, but if it was just unscrewing a few things, then I was up for it.

I took out the AC unit from the window. The installers had propped it up with some foam so it wasn’t that hard to remove. After that, I placed the AC unit on a non-slip rubber mat. It was all dusty, so this confirmed my suspicions that it might just need some cleaning. Dust and pieces of debris got all over me, but I did say I was prepared to get my hands dirty after all.

Cleaning Out My AC

The first part that I took out was the grill and filter. It was easy to identify from pics on Google of similar AC units.  My model was a Condura unit from the 90s. The filter could actually just be slid out directly from out of the grille. I did so and poof! A cloud of black dust assaulted me. This unit was definitely overdue for cleaning.

Actually, I don’t think I’d ever had it cleaned in the first place. Now I had two options. I could either go to the hardware store and buy a new filter or I could try washing the filter myself. I checked the filter for any signs of physical damage – there was none. There were some decomposing bodies of small insects all over it, but it seemed to be in relatively ok (not exactly mint) condition. So I just washed out the filter with some soap and water and then allowed it to dry. When I was done, it was looking pretty good.

While I had already removed the grill, it was recommended that I clean the condenser coil as well with a vacuum cleaner. I didn’t have a vacuum handy, so I used a can of compressed air – which seemed to do a decent job.

Lubrication For HVAC repair Fort Worth TX

The final part of the cleaning stage was to lubricate the motor according to the owner’s manual. Again, I didn’t have the owner’s manual… well, I noticed that the fan had some oil in some parts, so I simply lubricated those portions. I know I might not have followed instructions as thoroughly as I could, but I did my best.

With that said, all I had to do was let things dry for a bit and then reassemble the AC unit. This was easily done. I did need to cut out some new pieces of foam to replace the ones that I’d dislodged. With things done, I started up my AC and voila! Problem solved! It was puffing out cool air like it was from Calgary. I felt so proud of myself.

By the time that the AC technicians arrived, I’d already fixed the problem. With that said, I had them do a diagnostic check-up HVAC repair Fort Worth TX. It seems that it was due for a Freon recharge as well. With that done, my AC was as good as new.

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