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Sometimes, you need air conditioning repair Fort Worth TX. During hot summer days, nothing beats an air conditioned room for comfort. In fact, in some areas wherein the heat can actually reach hellish levels, it is almost always a necessity to have some sort of air conditioning system. Sort of like how you can’t have a modern home in Canada without some form of internal heating. In any case, if your air conditioner breaks down, it can be like a blast furnace living inside your house. Having a non-air-conditioned home during the hot summer days equates to lack of sleep during the nights. If you work at home, then your productivity levels could go down.

This is why you should definitely get air conditioning repair Fort Worth TX ASAP if your AC is broken. From personal experience, it can be a pain to find air conditioning repair Fort Worth TX. This is especially true if your AC is a central air conditioning system that has been embedded into your house. In most homes in places with hotter climates, a central air conditioning system is used instead of window types – although they are quickly becoming obsolete next to more powerful split-type air conditioning units. In any case, whatever type of AC unit you may have, it is important to get it fixed quickly if it’s broken.

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DIY Checks

During the hottest times of the year, AC usage is also at an all-time high. As such, this is also the time when most AC units breakdown. In other words, it is a busy time of the year for air conditioning repair Fort Worth TX. Unfortunately, if you happen to be unlucky enough to suffer an AC unit breakdown, then you might have to wait a while to have air conditioning repair Fort Worth TX.

For this reason, it is not always a good idea to rely simply on your manufacturer for repairs. If there are any repair centers for air conditioners in your area, you could try calling them up if you have a central air conditioning unit. You can try taking a window type to your manufacturer’s repair center. If your manufacturer’s repair center is filled to capacity, you can also try a generic repair center. Be forewarned however, that repair jobs are always in abundance during the summer months. Even generic repair centers might have to put you in a queue.

Fortunately, while waiting for your AC technicians to arrive, you can also use DIY checks so you can try out a few things and perhaps even fix your AC by yourself. In any case, it also helps the technicians to rule out any elementary check-ups and get to the real root of the problem if you cannot fix it by yourself.

In any case, as long as you are careful, you really have nothing to lose.

A Primer on Air Conditioning Repair Fort Worth TX

Keep in mind that all air con units use the same principle. Whether it is a central air con unit or a smaller window type, they operate on the same principle. Basically, an evaporator unit disperses cool air through fans or fan ducts throughout the area. This evaporator unit uses a hose wherein the refrigerant passes through. The cooling process is achieved by another part called the condenser unit. This is where the refrigerant passes through and removes the heat it has collected so that it cools down again. Basically, air conditioning is more of a process of heat removal rather than cool air dispersal – even though it might seem like quite the opposite. In any case, many parts of both central and window type air conditioning units can be DIY-replaced. Of course, if the problem is more complex, then you should really wait for the AC technicians to arrive.

Safety First

When dealing with sensitive electronic appliances, remember that safety should be your top priority. This is really apparent in air conditioning units because they consume a lot of power. Therefore, there is a huge risk of electrocution if you do not ensure that the power source has been disconnected before attempting air conditioning repair Fort Worth TX.

With a window type or even a split-type air conditioning unit, this is simple. There is usually a switch and a plug attached to these units. Simply pull or push the switch to off and then unplug the unit. Wait a few minutes before trying to open up the AC if you need to. After that, it should be safe to start cleaning your Air Con unit. If it is a window type unit, you can also completely remove the unit, from the place where it was installed. They usually use either foam or styrofoam to keep the unit in place.

Determine What the Problem Is

There are two main problems that often plague air con units. The first type of problem is something that you can try fixing yourself: If your AC unit appears to be working fine except that it doesn’t cool. You can try either cleaning the unit, recharging the refrigerant, or both.

For the second type of problem, the AC unit just won’t turn on. This could be due to overheating or some deeper, more complex issue. Unfortunately, when this happens, all that you can do is to try cleaning the unit. Also, you might want to check if it’s the power source such as the wall socket that is the problem.

Try Cleaning the Unit

The first step in cleaning the unit is to remove it from the wall if it is a window type AC. Again, this should be quite simple and straightforward to do. Just be careful not to damage any wires while you are doing this. AC units can a bit heavy, so it is recommended that you wear some work gloves. Get some help from a friend if the unit is too heavy for you. For central air conditioning systems, you can clean the condenser and evaporator units from where they are installed.

For a window type AC unit, you can clean various parts. Start with removing the grille and then washing the filter with soap and water. New filters are available at any hardware store. As for the grille, if it’s plastic, you can also wash it with soap and water.

For the condensing coil, do not use a brush or any other abrasive substance. Also, do not use any cleaning agents – especially cellphone cleaning products. Either use your vacuum cleaner’s blower function if you notice a whole lot of dust on the condensing coil or simply use a can of compressed air. Hand operated air blowers may also work, but these do not produce a strong enough gust of air to dislodge persistent pieces of dust.

Go through the entire AC unit using a soft cloth. Microfiber cloth works very well too. Make sure you remove any moisture in and around the unit.

Check the fan or motor of the unit. This is especially true for the condenser of a central air conditioning unit. Add some more lubricant where you see oil on the fan.

After cleaning the unit up thoroughly, make sure that you dry off any parts that you’ve wet with soap and water and reassemble the unit.  Congratulations, you’ve just finished air conditioning repair Fort Worth TX . Clogged up filters and condensing coils can really make a huge impact on the performance of your air conditioner.

Recharging the Freon

A Freon recharge might be necessary if you have cleaned your unit and it still doesn’t cool properly. This means that the refrigerant inside might have leaked out over time.

What If The Unit Just Refuses To Turn On?

Standard checks are all you can do in this case until the technician arrives. In some cases, there may be a way to replace fuses or the thermostat of the unit. . Call for professional air conditioning repair Fort Worth TX otherwise.

One thing you can do is to see if the wall outlet is actually channeling electricity. Try plugging in a compatible light bulb receptacle into the wall outlet. If the light turns on, then it might be an electrical problem with your AC unit. A frayed cord, a faulty thermostat, or even a burnt fuse can cause this problem. Also, you can check the plug of your AC unit by opening it up to see if the fuse has burned out. You can easily buy spare fuses and replace them from any hardware store.

Replace Parts Air Conditioning Repair Fort Worth TX

The ambient thermistor, thermostat, electronic control board, and the evaporator thermistor of your AC unit are all replaceable.  Refer to your owner’s manual in order to help you identify these parts. For ease of replacement, take your phone with you and snap some pictures of these parts of your AC if you notice any visible damage. Slight burns or corrosion on these parts can cause them to malfunction. Take the pics of the damaged parts to your local hardware store and they might be able to sell you a replacement for them.

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