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Need air conditioner repair White Settlement TX? Air conditioners are a necessary evil. This is especially true if you live in a place that can get as hot as Texas. However, there is one huge problem with air conditioning units – they break down. You know what is even more inconvenient? These air conditioning units tend to break down just when you need them. During the hottest parts of the summer, this is when air con breakdowns most likely occur. As you can imagine, this is not a very good situation to be in.

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Air Conditioner Repair White Settlement TX

Now when your air con unit breaks down, what do you do? Well, there are a number of possibilities here. For one, you can see if the unit is still under warranty. Some air con units come with a warranty of up to five years. If not, then your next best bet is to contact your manufacturer for repairs. When you do this, they will send in a technician for repairs. There is a snag, though. During the summer, AC technicians are usually very busy. You might have to wait for a while in queue for your turn to have your AC service. Finally, you can try some simple DIY repairs. DIY repairing your air con unit is by no means a substitute for a technician. However, there are some simple tasks that you can accomplish on your own. Get some air conditioner repair White Settlement TX.

DIY Air Conditioner Repair White Settlement TX

Keep your limitations in mind if you plan to do a DIY air conditioner repair White Settlement TX. Know what you are capable of and do not attempt anything beyond your control. Therefore, if you are going to open things up, do your research first. Furthermore, always ensure your safety. Finally, make sure that you have the proper tools for the job. If you have a central AC, you will need a wrench, screwdrivers, a multimeter and if possible, a voltage sniffer. To add to this, you may want to use some rubber gloves to ensure your safety.

The Anatomy of a Central AC Unit

There are two main types of AC units. The first is the window type that you most commonly see inside of rooms and sometimes in small offices. The second is the central AC unit that can cool an entire house. If you live in Texas, you most likely have a central AC unit given how hot the weather can be.

Therefore, before you attempt any DIY repairs on your central AC unit, it is a good idea to know a few things. You should first be acquainted with the basic anatomy of a central AC.

A typical AC unit consists of two parts – the condenser and the evaporator. The condenser is in charge of cooling down the refrigerant in the form of Freon. The condenser basically dissipates the heat that the coolant collects as it travels through the furnace leaving the Freon cool again. After this, the evaporator coil cycles the coolant through the furnace and it is blown into the house via the air ducts. This refers to your entire house’s air distribution system. It is also most likely shared by your thermostat for distributing hot air to the house during the winter months. This means that the same ducts, fans and motors are also used by the central AC as your thermostat.

The condenser unit of your AC usually sits outside of the house. It may be placed on a slab of concrete or something similar. Next to it should be a power housing. This is where the disconnect block is located for powering down the AC unit. You will want to take note of this part. The AC must be powered down prior to servicing it for DIY repairs.

First Determine the Problem

You cannot resolve the problem if you have not fully identified exactly what it is. Therefore, this should be your first priority. First try to find out what the problem is exactly with your AC unit. While there are a whole lot of problems that could plague an AC unit, they can be broken down. There are two main problems: the AC unit doesn’t turn on, or the AC unit doesn’t cool. This is a simplistic categorization and it actually works very well.

Once you have determined what the problem is, you can proceed to work on what you can. This is your first step towards air conditioner repair White Settlement TX.

Power Down First

Again, this is very important when you do DIY air conditioner repair White Settlement TX on your unit. Always remember to disconnect it from the main power source. First, you might want to turn off power for the whole house, and then you can proceed to take out the disconnect block. Remember that you should only do this if the problem is that the AC doesn’t cool. If the AC does, cool, you can also check the disconnect block. There might be a blown fuse there. A blown fuse in your disconnect block means that there might be a deeper problem with your AC. In any case, you can temporarily replace the fuse to help technicians diagnose the problem.

Simple Fixes For Air Conditioner Repair White Settlement TX

If the AC doesn’t cool or there is inadequate cooling, it might not even be a problem. Perhaps the heat is just too much. Try lowering your thermostat setting until you reach a comfortable level. Another problem would be that the condenser is dirty. If this is the case, you can actually determine this with a visual check. As mentioned before, power down first and wear rubber gloves. Once you are sure that the AC unit is not receiving anymore power, you may proceed. Check the condenser visually and try to see if it is dirty. Even if it is not, you may proceed with the next step.

For cleaning the condenser, you can use an air blower, a vacuum cleaner, or a can of compressed air. When using compressed air, just be sure that you do not aim it at any sensitive-looking parts. Aim at the dirtiest parts of the condenser coil. You may also wipe it down with a rag afterwards.

Cleaning the Evaporator
You can also check your evaporator. If it is clogged up, that could be one cause of the AC unit not cooling. Again, the same principle applies for cleaning your condenser. Simply use an air blower, vacuum or compressed air to get rid of any dust, soot, or other debris. After double-checking that you have powered down your unit, you may also wipe down the parts that you can reach with a rag.

Check That It’s Not Your Furnace Fan

The problem might not even be your AC unit. It could be that your furnace fan isn’t kicking in. Try different settings with your thermostat to see if the fan is turning. If the fan does not turn, then it’s not your AC that is the problem. Unfortunately, furnace fan replacement is not DIY territory. Call or wait for your technician. At the very least, you have identified the problem early.

The Condenser Unit is Blocked

Because the condenser unit sits outside of your house, it could easily become blocked up. Various types of debris could fall all over it. These include bits of twigs, leaves, grass, dirt, and dust. Again, you can easily clean this part up with a vacuum, blower, or a can of compressed air. Also, check out the fins of your condenser unit – these are those small holes/ridges on the side. If these are blocked up, your unit could be overheating and shutting down intermittently. This is another cause of uneven cooling. Clean the fins thoroughly with a rag and brush them down with an old toothbrush if necessary. Again, just be careful to power down first.

Freon Recharge Is Needed

If everything seems nice and clean and the AC is functioning normally but doesn’t cool, you may need a Freon recharge. For this task, you will need a professional air conditioner repair White Settlement TX.

Cleaning a Dirty Evaporator

The evaporator of your AC unit is often not so visible. It sits above the furnace in the plenum. This depends on what kind of plenum you have. If the plenum is a sealed metal box – then you cannot access it. You should wait for a professional to handle it in this case. Otherwise, if it is wrapped in what looks like tinfoil, you may proceed with cleaning it.

Once you have carefully removed the tinfoil, you may notice a metal access plate. You can unscrew this access plate to gain access to your evaporator. Be careful that you do not lose the screws.

Cleaning the evaporator is pretty straightforward. Use a brush to clean its underside thoroughly. The evaporator can also be slid out to a certain extent if you cannot fully reach it. Just make sure that you do not bend or break anything while doing this.

There should also be a tray below the evaporator unit. You can clean this easily with household bleach. Take it out and give it a good wiping down. After that, it is just a simple matter of putting everything back into place and then giving your AC a try. This is as much as you can do while waiting for professional air conditioner repair White Settlement TX.

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