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Do you want quick air conditioner repair Richland Hills TX? While many people in Texas still use the more conservative window type air con units, many are using a full HVAC system. Having a full HVAC system does have a lot of advantages. While you might pay a bit more on your electric bill, you cannot beat the comfort and convenience of an HVAC. Also, if you are that concerned about your budget, it can actually be easier to control your electricity usage with an HVAC.

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What Exactly Is an HVAC?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This is the preferred system for most larger homes and buildings. While a window type air con unit is probably good enough to cool most small rooms, if you want over-all climate control in the house, then the HVAC is for you. HVAC systems typically use central air conditioning units. These are larger air con units which are connected to your house’s ventilation system. In fact, the central air con unit makes use of the same ventilation system as your heating system. This allows you to control the temperature in the entire household with a single thermostat. Setting the thermostat to the lower settings automatically kicks in the air con unit.

As you can imagine, this brings in a world of convenience. Of course, when your HVAC system breaks down – it can also be a bit of a pain to repair.

Calling In for Air Conditioner Repair Richland Hills TX

Your best bet when your HVAC system breaks down is really to call in for air conditioner repair Richland Hills TX. However, you may run into some problems if you try do this during the summer. This is because during the heat spell, air conditioning use is very heavy. Because of this, it is also the time when most HVAC units break down. For this reason, there may not be a lot of HVAC technicians available. Therefore, what happens when you call in your HVAC technician is that you will probably be put on a wait list. It could take quite some time before your turn on the queue comes up.

While contacting your supplier/manufacturer is your best bet for air conditioner repair Richland Hills TX, it may not always be feasible. If your HVAC unit is out of warranty and you will have to pay for repairs either way, you can also contact a generic HVAC repair center. While your manufacturer’s technicians may specialize in your particular HVAC system, a generic HVAC technician should be more than competent.

Prices for Air Conditioner Repair Richland Hills TX

If you want to have your HVAC unit repaired, you should be prepared to spend anywhere around $200 to $500 depending on which parts of your unit needs repairs. The average price is somewhere around $300 – so you should have at least this much cash to burn for repairs. With that said, you have already made an investment in your HVAC system, so it would be pointless not to have air conditioner repair Richland Hills TX.

Repairing It Yourself


There are a lot of things that may be beyond your control as far as your HVAC unit is concerned, but not all of them. If you are the type with itchy fingers and you want to do something proactive, you could try some DIY repairs.

General Maintenance Tasks

Now regarding your HVAC system, most of the DIY repairs you can do fall under general maintenance. Unfortunately, apart from replacing some common parts and cleaning the system based on what you discover, there is not a lot that you can do. Even experienced DIY-ers are not qualified to fiddle around with the more sensitive parts of a central AC unit. You should keep this in mind when you do home repairs on your system.

Annual Maintenance

As far as annual maintenance tasks are concerned, you should be able to do this yourself twice a year. This can save you a lot of money on service technicians who generally charge by the hour. Of course, this depends on how comfortable you feel with fiddling around with electronics. Naturally, safety is of the utmost priority here, so make sure that you wear rubber gloves and completely power down your HVAC system before you even think of touching it.

Maintaining your HVAC system ensures that it will function optimally even during heavy usage during winter and summer. This way, you won’t require air conditioner repair Richland Hills TX.

Power Down Before Cleaning

Disconnect the HVAC system from the main power source before you try cleaning anything. You can go over the furnace, the fins of your condenser unit, the evaporator coil, and other parts where dust collects. The condenser unit is especially prone to collecting tons of dust, debris and other foreign materials. This is because it sits outside of your house. You can go over the areas that need cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air. After blowing all the dust and debris out, you will want to give everything a good wipe down with a clean rag or a microfiber cloth.

Check the fins on your condenser unit. These can get pretty clogged up and this reduces efficiency. In fact, it could even be the cause of overheating problems with your central air conditioner.

Clean Thoroughly

If your central AC unit does not seem to be sufficiently cooling even after cleaning, then it might need a freon/refrigerant recharge. This job is best left to the pros. Contact your HVAC supplier for a recharge.

The heating components of your HVAC system can be dangerous. Check the components for any cracks. Cracks or leaks in your heating system can be hazardous to your health. They may even cause long-term health issues.

The air filters of your HVAC unit will need more than yearly cleaning. You should take them out and clean them at least once a month. Use ordinary soap and water. Detergent soap will work just as well. Also, when you reinstall the filters, you should make sure that you wipe them dry first.

Actual DIY Air Conditioner Repair Richland Hills TX

There are some actual DIY repairs that you can perform on your HVAC unit. Again, before you attempt any of these repair tasks, make sure that the unit is turned off and the power supply disconnected. This is the most basic of basics and even advanced technicians always follow these safety procedures.

Also, make sure that you protect yourself. Wear transparent work googles, rubber gloves, and cover your entire body with clothing to prevent cutting yourself on any loose pieces of metal or sharp edges.

Check for Visible Signs of Damage

The first things that you should check for are visible signs of damage. These include blown fuses and blockages/dirt. Check the disconnect block of your condenser unit. It is very easy to identify. You will find it next to the condenser unit of the AC outside your house. You should find a small power box near the condenser unit. Open the box and you will find the disconnect block. Pulling this out will remove the power source of your AC. Check the underside of the disconnect block to see if the fuses are still functional. Blown fuses should be easy to identify, but sometimes a malfunctioning fuse can look completely fine. In order to test if the fuse is still ok, use a multimeter. There should be two fuses. Try them both out. If the multimeter registers either a 0 or a 00 (the infinity symbol), then the fuse is blown.

Fortunately, fuses are easily replaceable. You can buy some spare ones at any hardware store. In fact, you should already have several handy. If you don’t, then now would be a good time to stock up. With that said, a blown fuse in your disconnect block could indicate a larger more complex problem with your AC unit. Definitely wait for an actual AC technician to perform some diagnostics on your system.

Check the Furnace Fans

Sometimes the problem does not lie entirely with your AC unit even if it does not seem to cool. In many cases, it could be an HVAC problem. The furnace fan is one common culprit. If the main fan of your furnace does not turn, then there is no way for the cool air to be channeled throughout the house even if your AC unit works fine. You may experience intermittent cool air throughout the house, but it will not be nearly enough to stave off a summer heatwave.

In order to see if your furnace fan works, try setting your thermostat to different levels at five degrees at a time. If it does not kick in at all – especially on the lower settings, then there is something wrong with it. A furnace fan is not serviceable by a DIY-er, so don’t even think about it. After you have identified the problem, the most that you can do is wait for an AC repair technician.

Get Professional Air Conditioner Repair Richland Hills TX

There are many DIY repairs that you can perform on your HVAC system. Some parts can also be replaced such as the fuse and even the motor of your condenser unit. Other than replacing these basic parts however, you are limited in what you can do. Therefore, get professional help for air conditioner repair Richland Hills TX if you are stumped.

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