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Texas has lots of things going for it. Apart from the cowboys and Indians stereotype, we also have sprawling ranches and large tracts of field. In fact, any grade schooler would tell you that Texas is also well known for being generous with food servings. In fact, for some people, we are a little bit too generous with our servings. A typical protein-filled lunch in Texas would make weight watchers faint.

Unfortunately, another thing that Texas is known for is having extremely hot weather. Now there are really a number of ways to beat the heat. Some people like to plunge their feet into an ice bucket. Others would go to the pool or some seaside resort. Another good idea is to spend the day  inside some air conditioned café or maybe a shopping center. Of course, these are all temporary alleviations. If you want a more or less sustainable  method of keeping cool during the summer heatwave, nothing beats having an air conditioning unit at home.

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Now whether you choose a centralized air con unit via an HVAC system or just a simple window-type air conditioning unit is really up to you. It is really just a matter of personal convenience. How much cool air do you need? Do you want to install single air con units in individual rooms, or do you want to blow in cool air throughout the entire house? These considerations should influence your decision if you have not yet installed an air con system.

HVAC vs Window Types

The main difference between window type air cons and HVAC systems is that central air con units also share the furnace with your house’s heating system. This means that they affect the entire house. This also means that central AC units are a bit more complicated to install than window types. While even a DIY-er can accomplish the installation for a window type air con unit, HVAC systems require the presence of a professional.

AC Breakdowns Air Conditioner Repair Haltom City TX

Just like any other piece of electronic appliance, your AC can break down. Usually, this is due to a number of factors. It can stem from neglect or poor maintenance, an inherent problem with the system – and even overheating. Now do you know when most AC breakdowns tend to occur? As you might have guessed, they happen at rather inconvenient times. You see, AC units have this nasty habit of breaking down during the hottest months when they are most frequently used. It makes logical sense if you think about it – after all, more frequent usage means that there are a lot more things that could go wrong with your unit. Of course, the main question here is: what do you do if your unit breaks down?

Your Repair Options

There are several options that might be available for you in case of air conditioner repair Haltom City TX. It is best to weigh these options carefully and think about what might be the best decision for you. First of all, if your air con unit is still under warranty, then you should invoke it immediately. If you are out of warranty, then your options partly depend on what type of air con unit you have. For a window type AC, you can either have it serviced at home or take it out and take it to your manufacturer’s accredited repair center. If you have a central AC unit integrated into your HVAC system, then home service is your only option.

 This is where it gets a bit complicated. As you are already aware, AC units tend to break down when they are most often used. Well, this also means that HVAC technicians are mostly busy with repairs during these times. What this means for you is that you might have to wait for some time before you can have your air conditioner repair Haltom City TX

Can I Fix My AC By Myself?

Well, if you have really itchy fingers, then you probably cannot stand to just sit and wait until your queue number is up. If you have an HVAC system, you may need to be a bit handy with a screwdriver, but it is possible to do air conditioner repair Haltom City TX yourself. Of course, just keep in mind that as a non-technician, you will be very limited in what you can actually do for your unit. You will not be able to touch and replace certain sensitive parts, and you will need to ensure your own safety before you try anything. In any case, if the problem is quite minor, then you could potentially save hundreds of dollars in repairs if you can do it yourself.

With that said, there are some risks involved, which is why you will not be touching any sensitive parts of your AC.

Begin by Identifying the Problem for Air Conditioner Repair Haltom City TX

Before you begin with air conditioner repair Haltom City TX, you should try to categorize the problem. Exactly what is wrong with your AC right now? There are two broad categories that your problem falls into – both are self-explanatory.  The first category would be that your AC simply does not turn on. The second category is if your AC appears to work fine but doesn’t cool.

If Your AC Does Not Turn On

Obviously, the first thing that you should check would be the power supply to your AC unit. For the HVAC unit, the first place that you can check would be the disconnect block outside of your house. You should find your condenser unit outside of the house – usually sitting on a concrete slab. Near your condenser, you will find a power box and inside of it, the disconnect block. You can actually pull the disconnect block straight out. However, if your AC has a switch, then make sure to switch it off first whether it is turning on or not. Also, check the area of the disconnect block with a voltage sniffer and wear rubber gloves before you proceed.

When you are ready, simply pull the disconnect block straight out and check the fuses on the underside of it. If you notice that the fuses are burnt, then replace them immediately. You can check if your AC unit now turns on after this. If it does turn on, do not assume that your AC is completely fixed now. This is just a temporary repair. A burnt fuse usually indicates a deeper problem with your AC unit. Wait for a technician to perform some system diagnostics on your HVAC.

It Might Be the Furnace Fan

Sometimes, you might be barking up the wrong tree. If your AC unit seems to be working fine but is not cooling, then you should check your furnace fan. Just in case you were not aware of this, your central AC actually makes use of your furnace fan to distribute cool air. If your furnace fan is not kicking in, then there is no way that it can distribute the cool air properly. Try lowering your thermostat by five degrees at a time. Check the reaction or lack thereof of your furnace fan. If your fan is not kicking in when you lower the thermostat, then that is the problematic part of your HVAC .Once you have identified the problem, do not attempt ot repair the furnace fan yourself. This is a complex task that will require the services of an HVAC technician.

Clean the Condenser

So far we have just been talking about diagnostic tasks that require professional help. However, one common problem with AC units is that they just become clogged up with dust. You can actually do a visual check of your condenser unit. Check the housing – especially the fins. These can become clogged up with dust, ice, grass, leaves and other debris. You can use an air blower, a vacuum cleaner, or just wipe it down with a soft rag. Make sure that you power down your unit before you try cleaning it. This is sometimes enough for air conditioner repair Haltom City TX.

Replace The Furnace Filters

If your furnace filters have been around for a few years and have never been replaced, they are probably overdue for a replacement. You can buy replacement furnace filters for your unit at your local hardware store. Take several pics of your furnace filter and the other parts of your HVAC system before you go out to buy a replacement. If you have your HVAC manual handy (which you should), bring this along with you. If you check the manual, it should also specify the type of filters that your unit uses.

Replace the Fan Motor

While the furnace fan is beyond a non technician’s capacity, the fan motor of your condenser is different. You can buy a replacement motor for your fan and do the replacement yourself. You will probably need a wrench and a screwdriver set depending on your unit. Again, it is a good idea to take several pictures of the fan motor and your entire condenser unit before you go out shopping.

For All Other Problems, Wait For a Pro

If you have any other HVAC problems, it is best to wait for a professional for air conditioner repair Haltom City TX.

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