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Do you need air conditioner repair Fort Worth Texas ? Texas is known for many things. For example, we have the old stereotype of sprawling ranches and cowboys. When it comes to food, we’re known for large helpings of barbecued steak, pork and beans, wieners, and other protein-packed goodies. In fact, what would be considered a large-sized meal in other areas is just a normal meal in Texas. There’s also the fact that we have intensely hot summers. While it can be tolerable in more wide, open areas when the wind is up, there are times when it is not. When there is no wind and sun reaches scorching levels, it can become extremely uncomfortable in good old Texas. Of course, it is pretty hard to generalize, isn’t it? After all, we are the second largest state in the U.S.

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Air Conditioner Repair Fort Worth Texas

Anyway, when the weather reaches intolerable levels, there is usually little choice for most homeowners except to rely on the old AC or air conditioning unit. Yes, there are also other ways to beat the heat such as visiting a local pool or an air conditioned shopping center or restaurant – but you can’t really do this for the whole day. What about those nights when the temperature refuses to go down? Are you really going to sweat it out all night when it’s a work day tomorrow and you have to take the kids to school?

In other words, air conditioner repair Fort Worth Texas is a necessity in a place that can get as hellishly hot as Texas. Sure, our ancestors might have survived without such modern conveniences, but does that mean that you have to put up with it just to prove your worth?

If you think this way, then good luck to you – but of course, most people don’t. So what is the solution for cooling off during hot days in Texas? It’s quite simple, really. Grab a good book or turn on your TV set, or perhaps your tablet and most importantly, crank up the thermostat to the coolest setting on that air conditioning unit and relax.

Two Types of Air Conditioning Units

Before you go for air conditioner repair Fort Worth Texas , you should know some things. There are two main types of Air Conditioning units and these are the window type ACs and the Central type ACs. Naturally, central air conditioning units are meant to remove and heat and provide cool air to an entire floor of a building. Sometimes, they may even be used to cool down multiple floor areas. For one household, a single central air conditioner should be more than sufficient. Bigger buildings will require multiple units, but let us not concern ourselves with that for now.

In contrast, if you just want to cool down a small room, then a single window type air con unit should be good enough for you. Modern split-type air conditioning units are even better because they are more powerful than window type models. 

What to Do When Your AC Unit Breaks Down?

If your AC unit breaks down, then your best bet is to turn it off and then call your manufacturer’s accredited repair center for air conditioner repair Fort Worth Texas.

In the case of a window type AC unit, after powering it down and disconnecting it from the power source, you can even take it out of the window. After that, you can take the unit directly to the repair center to get it fixed. It’s pretty straightforward when it comes to window type AC’s. Even if you have a tower type AC unit or a split type, it’s still a pretty simple task to unhinge or unscrew these units so you can personally transport them to the repair center.

For central air conditioning units that consist of multiple parts, it is much harder. You cannot just simply dismantle these units and expect to transport them to a repair center. They will need to be fixed on-site, which means that you will have to wait for your manufacturer’s AC technicians to arrive at your place to fix it.

Here is where the problem arises. Do you know when most air con units tend to break down? It’s exactly the times when they are most needed. This is because of natural wear and tear. The more you use a particular item, the more likely it is to eventually break down. Also, if you turn on an AC unit that has seen months of ice and frost without use, it could cause damage to the unit. In any case, what I’m trying to say here is that AC technicians are busiest during the summer time when AC units are most frequently used. Therefore, if you are unlucky enough to have a broken air con unit at this time, then you might have to wait a while for a professional technician.

Tips for Air Conditioner Repair Fort Worth Texas

Repairing a central air con unit is never an easy task. Fortunately, there are several parts of your central AC that can be replaced. These parts can be easily swapped out by an experienced DIY-er, eliminating the need for a technician. You should be prepared to spend somewhere around $50 in terms of replacement parts if you have decided to try a DIY repair. Furthermore, you should be comfortable with working around electronic parts or it will be very difficult for you to accomplish air conditioner repair Fort Worth Texas.

Identify the Problem

There are two main problems that could arise here. Either your AC works but doesn’t cool, or it doesn’t turn on completely. If your AC doesn’t turn on, then proceed to the next step.

Check the Power Source

Make sure that the problem is not with your power source. Check the main electrical panel to see if power is actually being supplied to the Central AC unit. If not, then check for signs of physical damage on the wires and switches connected to the system. But before you continue, proceed to the next step for safety precautions.

Check the Furnace Fan

Sometimes, it could be the furnace fan that is the problem. In order to test this out, try setting your thermostat to AC mode. After that, lower your temperature setting. Watch out for the furnace fan. Try to check it is turning. If the fan isn’t turning, the most that you can do is to try resetting the circuit breaker. If the fan is still not kicking in, then you will need professional help.

Power Down

Before you begin, please make sure that you power down the central AC completely. Disconnect it from your main power source and switch off the power at the electrical panel. Also, ensure that the central AC unit is not actually receiving any power from any other external sources. This is very important.

Near your condenser unit, you should see a small electrical box. This is where the disconnect block is located. Pull out the disconnect block straight out. This should discharge the power. To ensure that power is still not being sent out to your AC, use a voltage sniffer if you have one. If you don’t, wait at least five minutes for the power to discharge.


Parts of Your AC Unit

Your central air conditioning unit might look confusing. It consists of multiple large parts with lots of mini components inside. We can actually break down the AC unit into two major parts and these are: the condenser unit and the evaporating coil. The condenser unit sits outside the house. This is the part of the central AC system that cools down the refrigerant. Next, the refrigerant cycles through the house. This is done through the evaporating coil or the A-coil using your furnace.

This is a pretty basic explanation, but it should give you a good idea of what to expect as you go through the DIY repairs for air conditioner repair Fort Worth Texas.

Replacing Parts

Inside of the disconnect block are the first parts that you can replace – the fuses. Check the fuses to see if they are still good. Using a multimeter, check to see that none of the fuses are registering an infinity symbol or a zero.  Replace them immediately if you see these. After that, you should continue checking your AC for the parts that caused the blown fuse.

Now with the disconnect block still out, check all the furnace filters and the registers inside the house – make sure they are open.  Clean the condenser coil and go through the condenser fan motor with an air blower or vacuum cleaner to unclog it. You might also want to lubricate the fan motor a bit.

If anything else needs replacement, then you should definitely wait for the pros. This is as much as you can do for air conditioner repair Fort Worth Texas.

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