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Make no mistake about it. You need air conditioning if you live in a place like Texas. It gets hellishly hot here during the summers. This is why most households employ a central air conditioning system. Even if they do not have a full HVAC system, a lot of people still employ some form of air conditioning. Even just window type air conditioning inside their bedrooms will do. This goes to show just how hot it can get here in Texas. The worst news is that during the hottest months of the year when air conditioning is badly needed, this is when problems occur. It is when HVAC and AC systems are most heavily used when they tend to break down. Of course, this is quite logical, but here comes another problem. Because of the amount of issues that pile up during the heatwave with AC units, most HVAC technicians are busy.

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Get Some Air Conditioner Repair Forest Hill TX

There is a logical progression to the steps you should take for air conditioner repair Forest Hill TX. First of all, you should check if your AC is still under warranty. Hopefully, you kept the receipts and the warranty card with you. Fortunately, most reputable AC distributors will honor your warranty without question. Also, be sure to check carefully. Most warranties have a fine print wherein certain types of damage are not covered. If your AC is under warranty, then invoking your warranty is the best choice for you.

Out of Warranty

If your HVAC unit is already out of warranty, then you can still have it serviced.  Call up your manufacturer and they will be able to do air conditioner repair Forest Hill TX. This is where you might lose your patience however. Usually, if your AC broke down during the hotter months, most AC technicians will be busy. When this happens, you will be put into a queue, and you might have to wait a while for air conditioner repair Forest Hill TX

What You Can Do

If you are the proactive type, then you probably cannot just stand and wait while the AC technicians are busy. Of course, if you are not an engineer nor an electrician, then you probably have zero ideas on what to do.  Don’t worry, though. There are actually quite a few DIY maintenance tasks that you can do by yourself. These may or may not help you with air conditioner repair Forest Hill TX. Also, for minor problems that you discover, you can actually accomplish some repair tasks by yourself. For example, replacing the fuses and certain parts of your AC unit can be done on your own. This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in paying a technician by the hour. These DIY asks require nothing more than a little bit of skill with a screwdriver and the ability to follow instructions – so read carefully.

How Does An AC Unit Work?

First of all, let us distinguish between the two types of AC units. There is the window type AC and then there is the central AC unit. The main difference between these two units is that a central AC unit is integrated with your furnace. If you have an internal heating system, then the central AC is part of your HVAC system. It provides cool air to the entire household. Meanwhile, a window type AC is simply a small, box-type appliance. It is not meant for an entire house nor building, but rather, for small, confined rooms. It works best in smaller rooms, although a single large window type unit can also cool a larger conference room. While there are other variations such as the newer split-type models and tower type AC systems, these are different from a central AC.

Parts of Your AC

Typically, there are two main parts to any air conditioning system – the evaporator unit and the condenser unit. These two parts perform two specific tasks. The evaporator unit distributes the cool air – usually with the help of fans either through the furnace or built into window type air cons. The condenser unit is what actually creates the cooling effect. It uses Freon or some other refrigerant and passes this substance through a coil. While doing this, it is actually removing the heat that the refrigerant has gathered so that it can be passed on to the evaporator unit to cool the area again. These two parts work in tandem with each other and when something goes wrong with the components of either, then your entire AC system malfunctions.

In a central AC unit, the condenser unit is located outside of the house. This is because it is always dispersing heat. The evaporator unit is usually located just above the plenum of your furnace. It uses the furnace fan in order to distribute cool air all around the house. Basically, whatever fans and ducts that your heating system uses – these are the same ventilation systems used by your evaporator. It’s an ingenious and convenient design, really.

Know What the Problem Is

Trying to solve the problem without knowing what it is will not work. This is akin to a doctor attempting to prescribe aspirin as a cure-all for a disease that he has not properly diagnosed. It is risky, accomplishes nothing, and could even worsen the problem. Therefore, you need to categorize what the problem is first. Fortunately, even for AC engineers, the two main problems associated with AC units is pretty straightforward.

The first type of problem is that your AC unit just doesn’t turn on. The second type of problem is that your AC unit works, but doesn’t cool properly.

There are workarounds and fixes that you can try for DIY air conditioner repair Forest Hill TX.

Play Around With the Thermostat

Check your thermostat settings. Lower it by 5 degrees at a time to see if it makes a difference in the cooling. It might be that the heat is just too much for your current AC settings.  Also check if the furnace fan is kicking in. If it is not spinning, then it is a problem with the fan and not your AC unit. The furnace fan should only be serviced by an actual technician, do not try to DIY repair it.

First Ensure Your Safety

Before you proceed with air conditioner repair Forest Hill TX, always ensure your safety. Get some work gloves and a voltage sniffer if you have one available. Also get a multimeter as this will be useful for diagnosing power-related problems later on. Power down the entire unit before you start working. Make sure that the power to the AC unit is completely off and that it is no longer receiving any electricity from some external source.

The Disconnect Block

Your first task is to remove the disconnect block. This will ensure that your AC unit is not receiving electricity anymore. You will find a small power box/housing outside of your house. This power box is located near your condenser unit. Open it up and you will see that the disconnect block inside. You can pull it straight out and this will discharge the power from your AC. With that done, you are now free to accomplish a number of DIY tasks.

Check the Fuse

Check the underside of your disconnect block. You will see one or two fuses inside. Do a visual check to see if either or both of them are burnt. If they are, then you should replace them immediately. Simply changing the fuse will not always solve the problem though. Most likely, if there is a blown fuse, then it means that there is a deeper problem with your AC unit that will need fixing.

Cleaning Up

One of the most effective things that you can do for air conditioner repair Forest Hill TX  is cleaning your AC. You should start with the condenser unit located outside. Because it is partially exposed to the elements, the condenser tends to gather all sorts of debris. This ranges from dust to dirt, and even pieces of grass and windblown leaves. The best way to clean these up is with a heavy duty air blower or a vacuum cleaner. When going through your unit with an air blower,  just make sure that you don’t go near any sensitive looking parts such as particularly thin wires.

The condenser coil of your unit can be cleaned up by wiping it with a soft rag. Be careful and wear rubber gloves when you do this. This will prevent any injuries from wires sticking out. Also, even though you have powered down your unit, it is best to check things out. For example, try using a voltage sniffer on the areas you want to clean out before touching anything.

Lack of Freon

If everything seems to check out fine but your AC unit is not cooling, it might be due to low Freon levels. This means that your unit might require a Freon recharge. This beyond a DIY-er’s ability.

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