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When it comes to air conditioner repair Benbrook TX, people usually have a boat load of questions. Unfortunately, you have to search around all over the internet and beyond just to get some quick answers to some very simple questions. While more traditional researchers would probably just laugh this off, we do live in the 21st century after all. Convenience is of the utmost importance. We understand your needs completely – which is why we’ve gathered this list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) relating to HVAC and common AC repairs. This is your one-stop-shop for anything related to air conditioner repair Benbrook TX, so you are advised to bookmark us so that you can have ready answers all the time.

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What Is An HVAC In The First Place?

Of course, this is one of the first questions that anyone would ask. HVAC stands for heating ventilation and air conditioning. It refers to the entire house or buildings heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system quite literally. This includes all the vents, filters, ducts, fans and motors that have anything to do with the circulation of air and the control of temperature inside a house. It should be differentiated from individual air conditioning units because HVAC systems always use a central AC unit.

What Is The Best Type of AC For Me?

This depends on your needs. Ask yourself this question: What do I expect from my AC system? This question should guide you in choosing the right type of AC unit for your house or building. If you want to have air conditioning all throughout your house, then a full HVAC with a central AC unit is the best choice for you. If you want to add air conditioning to a small room or if you have a particularly small house, then you can probably use one or two larger window type units. This will cost you less in the long run when compared to an HVAC system.

Window type units are also ideal for small rooms, such as your bedroom. If you want full climate control over your entire house, then a full HVAC system is the only way to go. This way, your thermostat/heater is integrated with your AC system. You can switch from cool to warm air at will and keep your house at comfortable levels all the time.

Why Do AC Units Break Down And Need Air Conditioner Repair Benbrook TX?

It is hard to pinpoint exactly why AC units break down. As you may be well-aware, the more complex a particular system is, the more the number of parts that could potentially malfunction.  In any case, there are several common causes of AC break downs. One very common cause is dust, soot, dirt and the accumulation of debris all over your HVAC system. Debris could cause blockage on the fins of your condenser unit for example, and this could make it overheat. When the central AC’s condenser overheats, then it will cause the system to shut down. Now if power is still being supplied to the central AC unit, then the condenser might kick in again once it has cooled down a bit. This can cause intermittent cooling.

Aside from these causes, frayed wires from rodent infestation, malfunctioning furnace fans and condenser fan motors, are among the most common causes of AC breakdowns.  A blown fuse in your disconnect block will also prevent your central AC unit from turning on. If you are experiencing uneven cooling throughout the house, it is a good idea to check the ducts if some of them are blocked or even leaking cool air outside.

What Is My Best Choice for Air Conditioner Repair Benbrook TX?

There is a logical progression to the steps that you should take for air conditioner repair Benbrook TX. First of all, always invoke your warranty. If your AC is still under warranty, make sure that you have all the proper receipts and documentation to support your claim. Fortunately, most manufacturers will not really give you a hard time with this.

If your AC is out of warranty, then your next best option is to go to your manufacturer’s repair center or to call for an HVAC technician for home service. Here is where you might hit a snag. If the breakdown occurred during the busy months, then you might have wait in a queue for a long time before your number is up. It could take several days or even a week before you receive air conditioner repair Benbrook TX services.

Also, if you have a window type AC, you can take out your AC if you don’t mind lugging it around. This gives you the option of going to your accredited repair center or going to a third party repair center. Either option is fine if you are out of warranty.

Can I Fix My AC Myself?

This is a rather complicated question with no specific answer. However, we will try our best to elaborate on this issue. First of all, it really depends on the type of problem that you have with your AC. Minor air conditioner repair Benbrook TX can actually be done by a DIY-er. Of course, more complicated problems that require tinkering with sensitive electronics cannot be repaired by yourself.  Be smart and identify the problem before trying out any fixes. Any time that you believe that you are guessing on what to do next, you are most likely getting yourself into trouble. Also, always be safe. Make sure you wear rubber gloves, use a voltage sniffer if you are not sure and power down your AC unit before you try air conditioner repair Benbrook TX by yourself.

How Does an AC System Work?

No matter what brand of AC system you are using, they all use the same principle. It doesn’t matter if your AC is a Samsung, LG, or Condura type of AC. It also doesn’t matter if it is a split-type AC, a window unit, or a central AC system connected to your overall HVAC.

Here is the Breakdown:

There are many parts of an AC system, but do not be worried about this. There are really only two main parts of any AC system. First of all, there is the A-coil or sometimes known as the evaporator coil. This is the part of the AC unit that actually distributes the cool air all around the house by cycling the Freon. After cycling through the house, the freon or refrigerant collects a lot of heat. This heat is sent to the condenser unit. 

This is actually the second main part of your main AC. The condenser unit has the job of dispersing the heat that is collected by the refrigerant. It does this through a huge fan motor in an HVAC system. Usually, in a central AC system, the condenser unit is located outside of the house. The reason for this is simple. The heat that is dispersed needs somewhere to go and it would heat up the house if it were released in a confined space. This is why the condenser unit is further situated on top of a concrete slab.

How Do I Make Sure That My AC Unit Is Completely Powered Down?

For a window type AC unit, this is pretty simple. Simply pull the plug and the unit should be powered down. You can wait for a minute or so in order to ensure that there is no residual electricity left. Also, set the switch of the power supply to the AC unit to off just to make sure.

For an HVAC system, it is a bit more complicated. Of course, this is still within the realm of what an ordinary DIY-er can do. First of all you need to switch the AC unit to off. This may or may not be controlled by your thermostat settings. If there is no actual switch for your AC, then you have to find the disconnect block and pull it straight out.

Where Is This “Disconnect Block?”

The disconnect block of any central AC system is located near the condenser unit. You should find a power housing attached to a wall near your condenser unit. Open this up and you will find the disconnect block inside. Pulling it straight out will cut off the power supply to your condenser unit. It is also worth noting that you will find either one or two fuses on the underside of the disconnect block. These fuses are replaceable. In fact, if your AC unit is not turning on, a blown fuse is one of the most likely causes.

Can I Replace Furnace Filters?

The furnace filters are an integral part of your HVAC system. Fortunately, these parts are not very complicated nor sensitive. You can always buy replacements for these. Just make sure that you buy the right type. This is actually very simple to do. If you have your HVAC’s owner’s manual with you, it should tell you what kind of furnace filters to buy. If not, then you can still easily buy the right type. Just take a lot of pictures with your cellphone camera or whichever type of camera you have on hand and take these pics to the hardware store. They can take it from there.

Naturally for more complicated problems see a professional for air conditioner repair Benbrook TX.

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