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Ideally, you should not have to tinker with your AC unit. In a perfect world, HVAC systems would work perfectly without ever breaking down. However, dust, debris, grass, wear and tear and other factors do come into play. We do not live in a perfect world, so you will require air conditioner repair Saginaw TX from time to time.

When you need air conditioner repair Saginaw TX, you should weigh your options carefully. Make the correct and most logical decision based on your particular situation.

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What are my air conditioner repair Saginaw TX options?

There are Three Clear Options that You Have for Air Conditioner Repair Saginaw TX.

The first option is if the part of the HVAC system that requires repairs is still under warranty. Naturally, all you need to do is to call up your manufacturer and invoke your warranty. You will need to show proof of your warranty. Fortunately, manufacturers do not give their clients a hard time in this area. Having the warranty card in your possession should be enough to invoke your claim. In some cases, such as if you bought your machine from a third-party distributor, you may need to also show proof of purchase such as your old receipts.

Personally, what I like to do whenever I buy an expensive piece of appliance is to make several physical copies of the receipt with my scanner and then place the file in a digital folder on my cloud storage named “important receipts.”

Once you invoke your warranty, your manufacturer will either attempt to repair the AC unit themselves through their HVAC technicians or they might just install a new central AC for you. Remember that the service or the new unit will be free if you are under warranty.

What If I’m Out Of Warranty?

Because HVAC units are built to last, they will usually not break down anytime within the warranty period. Therefore, if your HVAC unit actually does break down, they will be out of warranty. This is where your second option for air conditioner repair Saginaw TX comes in. The next best option is to call up your manufacturer’s accredited repair center for repairs. You will need to pay for the repairs this time. However, it is still a good idea to have your manufacturer handle the repairs. It is their unit after all, so they should be able to repair it best. For example, if there are sensitive proprietary parts that need replacement, then your manufacturer should have a steady supply of these.

What If I Can’t Go To My Manufacturer’s Repair Center?

If you happened to have some really bad luck, then you might not be able to go to your manufacturer’s repair center. Perhaps the coverage of their repair services do not extend to your area. Or maybe, there is really no repair center near your place. It could also be that their technicians are fully-booked. This is actually pretty common because HVAC breakdowns tend to occur simultaneously across different households. It’s not the manufacturer’s fault though. It’s just that HVAC units see their most frequent and heavy usage during the summer and winter months. These are also the times when they are most prone to breakdowns.

Well, your next best option is to go to a third party repair center. Naturally, third party HVAC repair technicians will not be as familiar with your unit as ones from your manufacturer. More importantly, it is not really a matter of competence but also of available materials. Replacement of proprietary parts can be a problem if the third party manufacturer does not have these on hand. Also, take note that repair technicians are paid by the hour.

In a recent survey, it was found that the average American Household spends about $250 for a typical central AC repair. My advice? Be prepared to spend at least $300-$500 for the air conditioner repair Saginaw TX.

Wait… There’s Really a Hidden Fourth Option, Isn’t There?

Well, the answer is yes and no. After being scared away by those quotations, you are probably considering trying to fix your AC unit yourself, correct?

This can actually be done, but only to a certain extent. Also, you have to be very careful if you do this because you might just worsen the problem if you do not know what you are doing. Keep certain common sense pieces of advice in mind if you want to do a DIY repair:

Know your limits and stop if you are not comfortable. Don’t touch anything that you are not sure of. More importantly, always put your personal safety as your top priority. I will be walking you through some DIY air conditioner repair Saginaw TX that you can try, so keep these tips in mind.

First Know the Problem

What many novice DIY-ers like to do is to try any number of fixes and hope that one of these solves the problem. This is not a very good approach if you want to be effective at repairing your central AC unit. First of all, you should know what the problem is. Only then should you try to fix it.

Fortunately, this is not that hard. Problems with AC units tend to be categorized into two broad types; either the AC doesn’t turn on, or the AC turns on but doesn’t cool very well, if at all. Which category does your problem fall into? If you can recognize this much, then you are ready to try some fixes.

Cleaning the AC

While I’ve mentioned before how trying out fixes without knowing the problem will probably not solve it, cleaning the AC is an exception. The truth is that a large percentage of AC breakdowns and malfunctions are actually the result of a clog in the system due to the accumulation of debris. For this reason, no matter what the problem might be, cleaning your AC has no negative effects. Therefore, this is definitely a must as your first DIY air conditioner repair Saginaw TX task.

Power Down First

Of course, before you attempt cleaning the AC, you should make sure that it is safe to do so. Therefore, shutting down your entire HVAC system and disconnecting it from the power source is a must. Your HVAC unit may or may not have a power switch. In general, you can disconnect your central AC system from the power source by simply pulling out the disconnect block. Do you see that large machine that sits outside of your house that is connected to your HVAC? That is the condenser unit of your central AC. If you approach it, you should find a small power box next to it.

This power box houses the disconnect block. You can turn off power to your condenser by pulling this straight out. While you are at it, check the underside of the disconnect block for blown fuses. There might be one or two of them depending on your unit. If you see that the fuse is blown or burnt out, you may replace them. This might even be the cause of your AC breakdown if your AC seems to be refusing to turn on. Spare fuses are readily available at any hardware store. You might already have some on hand, in fact.

This Is a Temporary Fix

Be wary though. If you spot a burnt fuse, then this could be indicative of a deeper problem with your condenser and your entire central AC unit. At this point, you have hit the limits of what you can do as a DIY-er. Wait for a professional HVAC technician to run some diagnostics on your system and perform air conditioner repair Saginaw TX.

Cleaning the Condenser

Check the housing of your condenser unit.  It needs to continuously disperse the heat that the refrigerant collects from all around your house. If you experience intermittent cooling, then it might be due to an overheating issue with your condenser causing it to periodically shut down. The fins on the housing of the condenser tend to collect dust, debris, grass, thick sheets of ice and other materials. When the fins are covered up, the condenser can overheat. You can clean the fins up with a rag or even use a vacuum cleaner on it. You’ll probably be surprised at all the debris that you pick up.

Checking the Furnace Fan

In the anatomy of your AC, there is another part called the A-coil or the evaporator coil. If the condenser is responsible for dispersing heat, the A-coil is responsible for distributing the cool air of your AC. Now A-coils do not normally break down unless there were outside factors such as rats or other small animals that somehow crawled their way into your furnace.

Therefore, if your AC is running but not evenly cooling, then it might not even be a problem with your central AC unit but with your furnace fan not running.

Check this by adjusting the thermostat. Turn it down five degrees to see if the furnace fan kicks in. If it does not, keep lowering the temperature by five degrees and check if the furnace fan is turning. If the fan really doesn’t turn, then you have found the culprit behind your AC malfunction. Again, this is beyond what a DIY repairman can handle. Wait for a professional technician to handle this problem.

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