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It’s not easy doing air conditioner repair Fort Worth TX. As spring draws to a close, the scorching heat of the summer months tends to make its presence known big-time. The heatwave can become quite unbearable during these months depending on your location. Therefore, unless you live in Canada, you probably have some form of air conditioning installed in your house or at least parts of your house. Usually people add air conditioning units to their rooms, at the very least.

For example, if you live in a place like Fort Worth, TX, then the summer heat out there can roast you alive in seconds – and that’s just barely an exaggeration.


Air Conditioner Repair Fort Worth TX

The heat from the summer months is no mere joke. While it is a great time to hit the beaches and relax under the summer sun, you can’t always go to the beach or the pool ever y single day. While there are many ways to beat the heat, if the heatwave reaches certain levels, you will want to turn on the old AC. It’s either this or risk a fatal heatstroke. This is no mere exaggeration. From 2006-2010, about 2000 people suffered from heatstroke. The sad part is that a majority of heatstroke casualties come from children. Ever heard of those horror stories of children left inside of hot cars? They usually died of heatstroke.

This is why it is important to have a steady source of cool air – something to lower the temperature with during these hot summer months. After all, the heat nowadays is a lot different from the way it was back in the past. The thinning of the ozone layer and excess gases from man-made manufacturing processes has made global warming a very real problem. In fact, scientists estimate that if the earth’s climate were to warm up by just another 5 degrees, then the polar ice caps would melt and a string of natural disasters would follow.

While we can all do our part to reduce global warming – let’s try to do it with a cool, level head in-between our shoulders. For this reason, do not be ashamed to use an air conditioner. After all, newer A/C units are quite environmentally friendly and are built with energy efficiency in mind. It’s really false economizing nowadays to sacrifice your comfort and convenience in the name of saving a little bit more on your electric bill. Always go for air conditioner repair Fort Worth TX.

What Exactly Is Air Conditioning?

We’ve been talking a whole lot about the necessity and comfort offered by air conditioners, but let’s just make sure that we are all on the same page here. Let us take a step backwards and define the word “air conditioning.” Basically, the layman’s understanding of air conditioning is simply cooling the air with an AC unit. While this is a sufficient working definition, technically, this is not so accurate.

Therefore, in case you’ll ever need it, take note that air conditioning refers to: the process of removing heat from a confined space, removing humidity and cooling the air. It is a process of heat removal and not actually “air cooling.” The cooling is achieved through a machine called an air conditioning unit.

Different AC units use different cooling methods. The most common cooling method is to use a refrigerant (yes, the same type as the one used in your refrigerator) in order to cool a set amount of air within the unit and then to use a fan within the same air conditioning unit to distribute it over a wide, but confined space. The bigger the space that needs to be cooled, the more powerful the air conditioning unit must be. For example, in a large shopping mall, multiple heavy-duty air conditioning units must be used and the cool air is generally pumped through an air vent system. In large, dome-like places like churches, multiple split-type AC’s are usually employed. Of course, in a typical bedroom, one AC unit should be more than sufficient to keep the heat down.

DIY Air Conditioner Repair Fort Worth TX

Air conditioners are costly pieces of appliance. Therefore, when an air conditioning system fails, then it can be very bad news. To complicate things further, air conditioners tend to break down especially during a heatwave. If your air conditioner has broken down somehow, then you might need to wait a few days before the qualified technician for your particular AC unit arrives. What is worse, the repair center might be doubly busy during the summer months when the heat is at its peak.

Now if you are the type to just sit idly by and wait, then you might have to do a whole lot of waiting. However, if you are the proactive type, then there are some things that you can do while waiting for the technicians to arrive.

Even experienced AC technicians recommend going through some of these DIY air conditioner repair Fort Worth TX steps so that you can at least be sure that you tried everything before resorting to the experts. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable about trying any of these out, then you should quit while you are ahead. Never venture into something that you feel that you cannot handle.

Make Sure That The Power Is Off Before Trying Air Conditioner Repair Fort Worth TX

First of all, to ensure your safety during this process, make sure that the power to the AC unit is off. Switch off the power switch to the unit and unplug the air conditioner from the wall socket if it is still plugged in. Furthermore, if you are dealing with a central air conditioning unit, then turn of your main power switch before continuing to make sure that you do not accidentally get electrocuted. If the thought of dealing with electricity scares you right now, then you are probably not fit to go any further. It’s best that you call in for air conditioner repair Fort Worth TX rather than take any bigger risks.

For Central Air Conditioning Units

If you are dealing with a large-scale central air conditioning unit, then there are two major components to this type of AC and these are: the condensing unit – which is generally located outside of the house/building, and the evaporator coil which is located in the plenum of your furnace. Basically, how it works is that there is a refrigerant in the evaporator coil and this absorbs the heat from inside of the building and sends it to the condenser unit outside of the house to be cooled. It’s a simple mechanism that has been around for decades.

Furnace or A-Coil Problems

Check your furnace fan. If it doesn’t turn, then the reason that your AC unit has broken down is most likely because of a furnace or an evaporator/a-coil problem. There are parts within these systems that might need replacement. Unfortunately, this is beyond the capacity of any DIY-er without any prior training in the repair of AC units. It is recommended that you immediately call for air conditioner repair Fort Worth TX

Check the Disconnect Box

Outside of the house next to the condenser unit, there should be a small power housing that runs a wire straight to the condenser. Inside the housing is what is known as the disconnect block. You can check this part for damage and see if the fuses are still ok. If it’s burnt, then the fuses will need replacement. You can purchase these from most hardware stores. Again, make sure that the power is completely off before you proceed. Wear rubber gloves and boots just to be doubly sure.

Clean Your Condenser Coils

On the actual condenser unit, you’ll see a thick coil of metal. This is the condensing coil. This is the part that dissipates heat outside. Since it is located outside, it is prone to getting clogged up by dust, debris, and even ice. Again, while making sure that power to the AC unit is completely off, clean the condensing coil to remove anything that might be clogging it. Do not touch any other parts while you are doing this to avoid doing more permanent damage to your AC.

You’ll know if your condenser coils need cleaning if you experience intermittent cooling. This is usually due to the AC unit overheating and shutting down randomly.

Check the Condenser Fan Motor

Again on your condensing unit, you’ll find a huge fan on top. This is the condenser fan motor. Fortunately, this part is easily replaceable by anyone. Check it while the AC is running to see if the fan is turning. If the fan does not turn, then you might need to buy a new one.

Replacing the fan is pretty easy. Most hardware stores should stock them. If you are unsure of the model number of the condenser unit and you cannot find any labels, then do the next best thing – take pictures with your smartphone and show the pics to the resident expert at the hardware store. They should be able to help you identify the fan unit that you need. If you are unsure, then do not buy.

Also, make sure that there are no tangled wires when you replace the motor. Use zip ties to secure any loose wires or the fan motor could cut them.

Call an Expert

These are the most that a DIY-er can do for a central air conditioning unit. If you need more comprehensive help, call in air conditioner repair Fort Worth TX.

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